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–White–                                                                                                                Glass/Bottle

Estrella Pinot Grigio                                                                                                 6
Aromas of fresh green apples mixed with hints of citrus

Ecco Domani Pinot Grigio                                                                                        7 /26
Crisp and clean with bright grapefruit notes balanced
by tropical kiwi and citrus flavors

Veramonte Sauvignon Blanc                                                                                 7.50/27
Lively with a tangy lime scent, yet elegant on the palate
with a touch of wild spice & melon

La Terre Chardonnay                                                                                                6
Light, fresh, buttery amd crisp flavors of apple and vanilla
oak with a tropical fruit character

Kendall-Jackson Chardonnay                                                                               8 /30
Forward fruit flavors and aromas of peach, melon and tropical fruit 

Jacob’s Creek Riesling                                                                                              7 /26
Dry character fruit forward wine boasting fresh lemon and citrus notes


Copperidge White Zinfandel                                                                                     6
Refreshingly fruity with strawberry aromas and flavors

Beringer White Zinfandel                                                                                     6.50/22
Fresh flavors of strawberries, ripe pears, honeysuckle and sweet citrus


Hob Nob Pinot Noir                                                                                                7/27
Fruit forward with rich aromas of sweet plums and berries
with a slightly floral note. A deliciously smooth and well-balanced wine.

Copperidge Merlot                                                                                                   6
Deep ruby red color with a silky smoothness.
Medium-bodied with a distinctive fruit and berry character.

Red Rock Merlot                                                                                                 7.50/28
Lush cherry, black plum and boysenberry with soft, round tannins

Black Swan Shiraz                                                                                                     6 /25
Rich, berry flavors with hints of peppery spice, soft balanced
fruit with just a hint of cherry

La Terre Cabernet Sauvignon                                                                                    6
Deep red color with aromas of ripe cherries, vanilla, oak and berries,
Medium-bodied with classic berry, olive and vanilla, well-balanced with soft tannins

Starters • Homemade SoupsSaladsBurgersHandhelds • Entrées • Sides • Wine List

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